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Our licensed and certified therapist will incorporate several techniques designed for the relief of physical and psychological stress and the rehabilitation of injuries with a holistic approach to ensure total well-being.
  30 minute massage
  60 minute massage
  90 minute massage
Stone Therapy Massage is a unique form of massage using Swedish techniques with smooth, heated stones to achieve a deeper sense of relaxation, balance, energy and peace.

**Massage is subject to MN state sales tax
Due to safety considerations and limited space, children are not permitted in the spa area unless they are receiving a service.

Steam is a form of hot hydrotherapy. A steam canopy is placed over just your body. Cold towels are placed under your neck and on your forehead to keep you cool so you can withstand the increase in temperature. Warm towels are then used to wipe off products that didn't absorb into the skin and clean the body. Some of the specific benefits include:
Increased Circulation of Blood and Lymph
Increased Perspiration
Muscle Relaxation
Soothes Nervous System
Stimulates the Immune System
Helps Rid Body of Toxins


This treatment starts with a Sea Salt/Jojoba Oil or a Sugar/Jojoba Oil exfoliation. Steam therapy is then used to boost your metabolism, detoxify your body and draw out impurities. This treatment ends with a Rose, Lavender or Coconut Lime Butter Cream Hydrating application.


This treatment is very therapeutic for both sore joints and muscles. The body is massaged with Mahanarayan Ayurvedic oil then a layer of organic Sore Joint Body Mud is applied to the entire body followed by a 20 minute herbal infused steam therapy treatment. Warm towels are used to wipe away excess mud that did not absorb into the body. Joint Ease oil is applied to areas of pain or soreness. The treatment is finished with a moisture locking application of body butter to keep the skin hydrated and soft.