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Mago Hair Extentions
Mago is a revolutionary new hair extension technique using a knot based system. These extensions are designed to disappear seamlessly, creating the most natural looking hair and movement possible. Mago extensions are quick to attach, last up to six months, easily removed without chemicals and are damage free to your hair!
Length, thickness and color is customized just for you therefore, a complementary consultation is required before booking this service.

Mago Hair Extensions

Price on Consultation
Mago Hair Extension Removal
Starting at $60.00

Now offering Babe Fusion Hair Extentions!
This tried-and-true technique involves connecting extensions to hair with keratin bonds. Keratin is the same protein that your hair is made of. These extensions can be reused up to three times (with rebonds) and will last up to 4 months with proper care.
Available in 18" straight only (32 colors to choose from)

Babe Fusion Extentions Price on Consultation
Babe Fusion Extension Remove & Reinstall $65 per pack
Babe Fusion Removal Only $50

Lord & Cliff Fusion Color Streaks (human hair)

  • 100% Human hair cuticles are all in one direction, this helps avoid frizziness.
  • With many colors to choose from, you can be creative, adding highlights and low-lights or try some fun funky colors!
  • The color stays the same, true and rich without fading overtime.


$7.00 each