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JAS Rewards Program

Jordan A Salon & Spa is dedicated to building an exceptional relationship with all our guests. We appreciate the trust that you have placed in our staff and our salon. The JAS Rewards Program is a free program and is presented as a courtesy and a "Thank you for your loyalty" to our guest. There is no obligation on your part.

How do I get started?
You don't have to do a thing. All Jordan A Salon & Spa clients are automatically included in the program. Our computer keeps track of your accumulating points and your total is available on your receipt or by calling us at (763) 717-0042.

How do I earn points?
Earn 1,000 points for booking your appointment online.
Earn 1,000 points when you pre-book your next appointment at checkout.
Earn 5,000 points if you are a new guest and pre-book your next appointment.

Earn 10,000 points for referring a new guest to Jordan A Salon & Spa.
Earn 20x your retail purchase in points. (spend $100 get 2,000 points)
Points are awarded once you visit the salon for your appointment.

What do I get for my points?
JAS points may be redeemed towards any retail or service offered at Jordan A Salon & Spa at any time during the calendar year they are earned. (1,000 points = $1) Points must be used by January 31st the following year.

Double Bonus Points
We will notify you via email or Facebook of double bonus point opportunities throughout the year!

*Points cannot be shared or distributed. Each client accumulates points separately. Use them this year. Points are accumulated on a calendar year basis only. Jordan A Salon & Spa has the right to modify or cancel the points system at any time.